International Shipping

Mono-Rev can ship all the items listed in our web site to the world. Orders placed at Mono-Rev will be shipped from Tokyo, Japan.
How to write E-mail order form?

When you place an E-mail order please give me your name, address , phone number & goods number. After your order, you should soon receive an email order confirmation.
An order and the inquiry from the foreign countries, please use this foam.

Shipping Rates: We usually send the package overseas by EMS. It takes about 5 to 14 Business days for delivery.

The packing method: We use a box and packaging materials to protect the goods.
Payment Methods We Accept

We accept only PAYPAL in Japanese Yen. The credit card and Bank transfer are not accepted. Payment is expected within 7 days of Mono-Rev invoicing. We will charge the cost for the item, shipping & insurance (if you want to insure). You will be required to pay for the customs, local tax, shipping handling fee etc at your end.
We usually send the package overseas by EMS.

Important notice: Charges of Paypal use are Paypal fee(3.9%+JPY40) and Withdrawal fee JPY250. Please confirm when you place your order.

Domestic Shipping Rates and Handling Charges:

Shipping type Charge list Registerd
List here ---- Included
Up to JPY20,000 in insurance value
More -> List here
Detailed contents, such as a mailing cost from Japan and restrictions, should look at here.

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